Pantec Biosolutions focuses on laser-assisted epidermal drug delivery.

Pantec Biosolutions is the leading company for precise epidermal delivery of large weight biopharmaceuticals (VLP, viruses, proteins, ...). Our goal is to address unmet medical needs such as to improve immunogenicity of vaccinations and to create new, positive experiences for the patients.

The proprietary combination of P.L.E.A.S.E.® microporation technology with transdermal patch technology allows easy to use, precise, and painless application of vaccines. In addition P.L.E.A.S.E.® can also be used for a variety of dermatologic and aesthetic medicine treatments, where the delivery of bio-active agents through microporation shows increased efficiency and allows completely new therapies.

This platform significantly improves drug uptake in addition to reducing treatment duration and avoiding the need for injections. This technology has significant potential to unlock a high unmet need of treatments requiring large molecular weight biopharmaceuticals.

Pantec Biosolutions is an independent subsidiary of Pantec AG, a worldwide operating technology supplier for industrial applications and medical devices offering services, products and solutions.

Pantec Biolsolutions has certified all his processes according ISO 13485 to fulfil all the quality and regulatory requirements in the medical field. Pantec Medical Laser is a Business Unit of the Pantec Biosolutions. We offer the unique 3.m.i.k.r.o.n.™ Laser modules to a wide range of interesting medical applications.